Jan E. Powers obituary

Mother, grandmother, grama, ji ma, sister, aunt, golden girl, and friend to many Gene was born in Beloit, Wisconsin, to Alan and Elinor (Brown) Schwers. She graduated from North Boone High School in 1958, and began life as a wife and mother. In the mid-1970s, Jane helped start Steamco Carpet Cleaning, which she ran until … Read more

Caring for perennials with three proven pruning methods

ILLINOIS Expansive Gardening Team Pruning perennial flowers takes the garden from looking pretty to being well cared for. Deadheading, clipping, and pinching are all pruning techniques that can keep perennials well-cared for and healthy. Pruning perennials is a complex topic because different plants need different types of pruning. Experience, developed with practice and careful observation … Read more

Azalea Care: How to grow azaleas in your home garden

Photo: istockphoto.com Did you know that azaleas are actually rhododendrons? As the “Plant Book” edited by Susan Page and Margaret Olds points out, “There are three major classes of rhododendrons, namely: azaleas (deciduous evergreens); tropical rhododendrons or vireya; and temperate climate plants that we might call “true rhododendrons.” However, such ‘Rudy’, azaleas show off their … Read more

Tasmania expands indigenous logging harvesting area as other states return

Briefly: Tasmania’s state-owned forestry company has moved to protect a disputed area of ​​large trees from logging with another 1,000 hectares of indigenous forest set aside for logging, including the Tarkin area. What then?: Conservationists say their campaigns to protect the trees are working but they will watch if trees are re-added As Victoria and … Read more