NAU Project to track disturbed Arizona trees

FLAGSTAFF, AZ. Northern Arizona University researchers are building a tree-tracking computer application that aims to provide forest managers and even homeowners with real-time data on the health of individual trees. The project will use satellites and instruments on the International Space Station to observe the coloration, reflectivity, and electromagnetic waves of tree leaves and pine … Read more

CD Bioparticles releases locust bean gum for biopharmaceutical applications

CD Bioparticles, a leading manufacturer and supplier of various drug delivery products and services, has launched a new line of Locust Bean Gum with advanced technology platforms to help scientists advance biopharmaceutical research. Over the past few decades, researchers have been working to develop delivery systems that can reduce side effects while improving efficacy. Natural … Read more

Trees will be replanted in the areas where the harvest took place, King Faisal Schools says

Written by Citizen Correspondent Posted on July 04, 2023 08:43 (EAT) After the government lifted a 6-year ban on logging in gazetted forests, the Kenya Forestry Service (KFS) confirmed that new trees will be planted in areas where harvesting took place. According to the King Faisal Foundation, the plan aims to harvest a maximum of … Read more

MASTER GARDENER – Plant Trees: When It’s Hot, It’s Not – Port Arthur News

MASTER GARDENER – PLANT TREES: When it’s hot, it’s not Posted at 12:04 am Tue Jul 4 2023 The often overlooked, but essential task of tree transplantation is to maintain the tree’s structural growth and root stability. Allow the stakes to remain attached to the tree for two years of growth. ( Wow, can you … Read more

Tasmania expands indigenous logging harvesting area as other states return

Briefly: Tasmania’s state-owned forestry company has moved to protect a disputed area of ​​large trees from logging with another 1,000 hectares of indigenous forest set aside for logging, including the Tarkin area. What then?: Conservationists say their campaigns to protect the trees are working but they will watch if trees are re-added As Victoria and … Read more