“I was stunned by the beauty.”

Despite exploring the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in sub-zero temperatures last winter with the wind biting his face, Andrew Jabinski was mesmerized by the beautiful snowy landscape. “I was blown away by the beauty of the landscape that was here,” said Gabinski, who is the organization’s new director. “It was all covered in snow so you … Read more

These subtropical shrubs are in full bloom including Texas lilac

Gardeners can choose from a variety of subtropical shrubs that thrive in San Antonio, including prime picks for xeriscape landscaping. Many of these plants also attract butterflies but not deer. Five plants that are really showing their flowers right now are vitex, Gold Star esperanza, thyrallis, poinciana, and bougainvillea. Vitex: This is one of the … Read more

Clara Kristalova’s ceramic sculptures address climate anxiety with dark humor

“Everything suddenly started to sound menacing,” said Klara Kristalova, of the themes that evoke her current solo exhibition, The Cold and Warm Wind, at London’s Lehman Maupin. Consumed by the endless cycle of news and mounting evidence of the impact of global warming, the artist has spent the past year bouncing between feelings of dread … Read more

How to plant and grow azaleas

After a long, cold winter, spring-blooming shrubs offer welcome splashes of garden color. The azalea plant is one of our favorite spring plants. It’s a reliable corduroy with funnel-shaped flowers and an array of colours. They are generally low maintenance plants, without many pests or disease problems. They’ve been hybridized for hundreds of years, and … Read more

Azalea Care: How to grow azaleas in your home garden

Photo: istockphoto.com Did you know that azaleas are actually rhododendrons? As the “Plant Book” edited by Susan Page and Margaret Olds points out, “There are three major classes of rhododendrons, namely: azaleas (deciduous evergreens); tropical rhododendrons or vireya; and temperate climate plants that we might call “true rhododendrons.” However, such ‘Rudy’, azaleas show off their … Read more