With murals and flowers, Renew Kaukauna brings a fresh look to commercial areas

Caucona – Thanks to funding from the American Recovery Plan Act passed by Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden in 2021, Caucona’s business districts are getting some much-needed TLC.

Kaukauna has received a total of approximately $1.7 million in American Recovery Plan Act funding.

Nearly $300,000 of that amount was directed toward the Renew Kaukauna program that will breathe new life into downtown and downtown business districts.

To kick off the Renew Kaukauna Program, members of the Redevelopment Authority and city employees worked together earlier this month to plant flowers on new farms around the downtown area.

The following companies have volunteered to water flower growers in front of their businesses and weed them:

  • Designers Inc. LLC
  • Hair Loft Salon
  • dugged
  • Blackhawks Chief Tobacco and Vape. President of Black Hawks Tobacco and Vape
  • Saint Vincent de Paul
  • Edward Jones – Gabriel Koch + Lani Anton
  • Three depicting an otter
  • Midwest Workwear
  • Mina Place

For more information about this program, or to order a planter through your business, please contact the Kaukauna Planning Department at 920.766.6305.

Another major initiative is a grant program for businesses to add a mural to their building, a new beautification grant that could cover up to $2,500 in costs associated with the mural.

If you are interested in applying for a grant or learning more, contact the Director of Planning and Community Development, Joe Stephenson at (920) 766-6370 or jstephenson@kaukauna.gov.

The Renew Kaukauna program is designed to address legacy issues with historic but outdated buildings in the city’s business districts.

Sixty-four commercial buildings, between Uptown and Downtown, are over 100 years old and dozens more are over 70 years old.

The historic charm of the city’s core is one of its greatest assets, but the old building needs a lot of work to remain usable and aesthetically pleasing, according to the city’s description of the project.

The planning team proposes a three-pronged approach to “renovate” Kaukauna’s commercial core.

  1. Interface Improvement Program (FIP)
  2. Internal Renewal Program (IRP)
  3. Downtown beautification

Total budget: $300,000
Fa├žade improvement program: $170,000
Internal Renewal Program: $100,000
Downtown Beautification: $30,000

more information:

Complete program guide

Cosmetology application

Kaukauna Program Application Renewal

For questions, please contact the Director of Planning and Community Development, Joe Stephenson at 920.766.6370 or jstephenson@kaukauna.gov.

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